Pure Joy

Its jacaranda season in Lusaka, which means my favorite trees of all time are in full bloom! Jacarandas, with their distinct purple-blue petals, are a common site in Lusaka.

But there are certain places where they form long, stately lines on either side of a street. On my run this morning, I set out to some of these streets, to see the jacarandas in their full glory. My goal was Julius Nyerere Street, which is both beautifully lined with jacarandas and perfectly quiet in the morning. I was the only person around when I got there.

The full, flowery tops of the trees from opposing sides of the street formed a canopy above me and a beautiful blanket of purple petals covered the street below. As I ran down the street and stared up at the beautiful blooms, I was filled with pure joy. What a great way to start the morning!

As I ran back home, the streets were getting busier as people walk to work and children to school. I came upon a young girl who was singing to herself, which is not an uncommon thing here in Zambia. Men and women and boys and girls can all be found singing to themselves as they walk; they don’t appear to have any inhibitions about singing and do it seemingly for the pure joy of it.

Which made me think, what do we do just for the pure joy of it? Chasing down flowering streets is definitely high on my list. The flame trees will bloom next, and then the yellow acacias, and then….

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One Response to Pure Joy

  1. Lucie Vavrova says:

    Lovely trees, I feel the pure joy that childern seem to find in anything they do slowly returning to me as well. Thanks for sharing, Lucie Vavrova

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