I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude today, more so than other days. Today, I confirmed that my dear friend Justin successfully underwent a liver transplant, and that while he’s not out of the woods yet, everything went as well as we could have hoped, and that he and is family are nothing but happy.

This is such wonderful news. It actually blows my mind that an organ was lifted from his body and replaced with another, and that this was a gift of life, life not only for himself, but also for his wife, daughter, parents, brothers, and friends. I’m astounded, in awe, humbled.

What if each day was like this, blessed with the gift of life? What if each day we could acutely feel and understand the fragile significance of our lives and relationships?

Today, I would like to tell Justin and his family how grateful I am for them. And how very happy I am to share in the joy of their lives, not just today, but for all days.

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One Response to Grateful

  1. Lucie Vavrova says:

    Thank you! Your post robbed me of any other words and made them uncessary. With love, Lucie

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