How to have fun

Lusaka gets a bad rep in most travel guidebooks. They say it’s a quiet, dusty town with not much going one besides a couple bustling markets. On the surface, this might be an accurate description. Lusaka certainly isn’t a hip and happening place. Expats who stay here for any period of time always wish there was more to do – more vibrant culture, more outdoor activities, more nightlife.

I used to be one of those people who saw this as the downside of living in Lusaka, but over the years, I’ve realized that this dearth of public activity has actually taught me and everyone else here an invaluable skill – how to make our own fun.

In the past two weeks alone, I’ve been busier than ever with fun of the homegrown variety: A Halloween party with bouncy castle; a frisbee tournament with foam (don’t ask); Guy Fawkes night with fireworks and bonfire; ball hockey with sticks straight from Canada; a bring-your-own-oven pizza making party; and, a cricket tournament with delicious Sri Lankan food. All in quiet Lusaka!

I’m sure anyone who’s ever lived in a small, seemingly sleepy town would agree that when a group of people decide they want to have fun, there’s very little that can stop them. The absence of mass-produced activity begets a great DIY attitude that springs people into action; if we want to have fun, well, let’s make it happen!

I think this is a great motto for life. If we wait to be entertained, we’ll probably be as bored as ever, even if we live in the liveliest place in the world. But if we make any effort at all, we’ll probably we rewarded with fun, friendship, and maybe a few fireworks to boot.

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