Eknath Easwaran

Five years ago, my older sister, Bernadette, brought me a gift back from her trip to India. It was a book of daily readings and reflections by Eknath Easwaran, a 20th century spiritual writer. Since she gave me the book I’ve been through it five times over and each reading is as fresh with insights as the first.

While often lofty in its reflections on enlightenment and the mystical, I’ve also found this book to be one hundred percent practical. It simply boils down to practicing. Practicing living better and better every day. It has a simple and powerful appeal. I can literally try out what Eknath’s recommendations are for living and see how they change my life. To date, the changes have been a calmer mind, richer relationships, and the thought that even I might have a chance at enlightenment one day.

I’m going to start writing about some of the daily meditations here. Eknath’s reflections are already wonderfully complete in themselves, but I want to write for two reasons. First, for me writing in a way of thinking and assimilating new thoughts: if I can write about something coherently it really helps me to grasp the meaning of it. And second, I want to share some personal examples of practicing what Eknath teaches. I find that lofty ideals are easy to come by, but much more rare are practical suggestions on how to slowly reach them, and so I want to share whatever I may have come across so far.

So from the by-way beginning as a gift from my sister, to these (hopefully frequent) blog posts, this little book of wisdom continues to take me places.


About Graham Lettner

My wife and I recently moved from Zambia back home to Alberta. I'm lucky to have been asked to be a guest blogger for the Localize Project. I love writing stories, and when the subject is food -- something that connects us to the planet and to each other -- the stories are endless.
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