Likes and dislikes

The Perfect Way is only difficult for those

who pick and choose;

Do not like, do not dislike;

all will then be clear.

Make a hairbreadth difference,

and Heaven and Earth are set apart.



Happiness and sorrow, good and bad, pleasure and pain – these are the very texture of life on the superficial level. Self-will thrives on these dualities, responding with infinite likes and dislikes, which are the ego’s way of self-expression. The less you are bound by likes and dislikes, the more clearly you will be able to see the core of purity and selflessness that is the real Self in everyone.

~Eknath Easwaran


Something caught me when I read this passage today.

The mental picture I had was of myself not really having a taste for anything in particular: going to the movies without a preference in movie, ordering at a restaurant without a care for what I ordered, mingling at a party without seeking out or avoiding anyone. This picture gave me a feeling of real freedom. It felt like I could swim through the day without getting caught in any particular current.

It’s what I want to aim for always. Though there’s a nagging doubt inside me that a life without likes and dislikes is dull and bland, I’ve now experienced enough of this kind of living that I know this not to be true. Beyond this superficial level is a level of abiding joy that runs even throughout the day no matter the ups and downs that come with life.


About Graham Lettner

My wife and I recently moved from Zambia back home to Alberta. I'm lucky to have been asked to be a guest blogger for the Localize Project. I love writing stories, and when the subject is food -- something that connects us to the planet and to each other -- the stories are endless.
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  1. man you have some amazing blogs….Keep posting more!!

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