Does any of my meditation and practicing actually have any effect on my day-to-day life? Is it actually improving my life in some real way?

Eknath Easwaran offers a way to test if effort spent on the spiritual journey is worthwhile. He poses a few simple questions:

Is my mind dwelling less on negative thoughts and emotions?

Am I more patient?

Am I able to be more present and kind to my colleagues and my family?

Do I feel less anxious?

Measuring against this yardstick (even though I often feel my meditation practice is moving forward so slowly that progress is imperceptible) I am making some headway. At work, if there’s a thorny or emotionally charged issue (there are many) I find myself not so instantly defensive and that I’m not brooding much over it after work is finished. Instead, my mind is free to focus on other issues. At home and at work I feel more patient when things don’t go as planned, and I feel less anxious about the things of my to-do lists that I haven’t yet done.

Eknath’s questions have been a good check-in for me and it’s motivating to see that there are valuable results of the effort I’ve put into practicing meditation.


About Graham Lettner

My wife and I recently moved from Zambia back home to Alberta. I'm lucky to have been asked to be a guest blogger for the Localize Project. I love writing stories, and when the subject is food -- something that connects us to the planet and to each other -- the stories are endless.
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One Response to Check-in

  1. Sudha Balasubramaniam says:

    Have you checked in with your lovely wife if she thinks you are improving? It is usually a very good yardstick but we often tend not to pay attention to our dear and near ones’s observations compared to others. I also wanted to tell you that I have brought the book to work and I read the thought of the day every morning before I start work. I have a long ways to go before I get to where you are with meditating and practising.


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